We are Dedicated Women’s Health Specialists, a premier group of OB-GYN specialists located in Puyallup, WA. We specialize in providing modern, state of the art obstetric and gynecologic services.

We are staffed with board certified and board eligible obstetricians and gynecologists. Each doctor is an expert in various aspects of women’s health, so we are fully able to address your health needs. If you are struggling with infertility, we have multiple treatment options to address that; we treat abnormal uterine bleeding with sensitivity and efficiency, and we are well-versed in STD-prevention and the proper use of birth control.

Whatever medical problem or question you come to us with, we serve the healthcare needs of women with dignity and respect in a warm, caring environment. If you would like to make an appointment with us, you can book it online or give us a call.

We do want to let you know that we have a policy of not allowing small children to accompany you during your medical visit at our office. As you can imagine, children can sometimes be a distraction that prevents you and the doctor to fully focus on the medical issues being discussed. We have found that this can compromise the quality of care we can provide for you. The majority of our patients also favor this policy. So we ask you for your understanding and rest assured that we have your best interest in mind.